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Plant Information 

General Information
Sun positioning: Full sun is best, although anywhere that gets a few hours a day will do just fine!
Fertiliser: Try and fertilise your plant every 7 days (slow release fertilisers such as NPK BLUE will do just the trick!) 

Soil: Best suited to be kept in the ground with a nice mulch. 

Pot: If you choose to keep your plant in a pot, its recommended that you keep a saucer of water under the pot to allow the plant to drink as it pleases throughout the day. 

Life: 4-5 years if kept well

Pruning: Prune back every September to promote new growth (chop the stem at the first leaf)

Water: Water 3 times a day, keep well moist throughout the day (SUMMER. Water as appropriate, keep soil moist (WINTER)

Snails, Rats, Aphids and White Moth tend to attack chilli plants. Please go to your nearest Bunnings or home-gardening centre and enquire on how to treat your plant. Alternatively, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Our Best Answer
Can you drown plants?
Yes! This is a common issue. If you leave your pot soaked you can put them as risk of drowning. It is good to keep your plants moist not soaked!
If I cut off a stem and plant it, will another plant grow?
Unforunatelty this is not how chilli plants work. The best thing to do is to purchase a second plant.
My plant is covered in white sand-like bugs, what do I do?
These are called aphids. They will destroy your plant if left untreated. The best thing to do is to go to a home-gardening centre and purchase aphid killing sprays.
My plant isnt producing chillies, what should I do?
This may mean it has a disease*, it hasn't been pruned or its coming to the end of its life. If it looks unhealthy, it may be time to chuck it away. If it hasnt been pruned see above for information on how to prune your plant.
Its leaves are turning yellow and spotted, is it diseased?
It is normal for a plant to have yellow leaves as it just means that particular leaf is dying. If all the leaves or most are becoming yellow or orange it may be diseased, theres nothing you can do really if this is the case. 

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