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Blazing Saddles Online Store

Please note, this page is designed for large retailers only. Please click here to see whether our products are located near you. Due to the live produce legislation in Australia, we are unable to ship fresh produce internationally at this time. 

Please get in contact with us for more information (including whether discounts may be applicable to you/our wholesale pricing list).

Chilli Plants

Eggfruit Plants

Zucchini Plants

Loose Chillies (red)

Loose Chillies (green)

Loose Chillies (habaneros)

Loose Chillies (jalapeƱos)

Loose Chillies (baby hot)


Delivery of fresh produce to Western Australia only. 

Delivery fees

Delivery fees may apply. Please enquire for more details. 

Payment method

Pay via direct debit, cash, cheque or credit cards. 


Click here to order online. 

Alternatively you can email or call us with your enquiry. Orders can take up to 48 hours to process. A delivery timeframe will be provided once payment has been accepted.